I'll be writing on the Facebook page instead of here ... for now, "cash me over der." 


Haven't blogged in a while ... life is hectic ... no more excuses, the third book awaits! Oh, and ... Merry Christmas!


I've received emails from a few new authors. I'll say this - do it for the love of what you're doing. If it fills a part of your soul, you're on the right track. If it fills your bank account, you are a rare bird indeed. If it fills both, you lucky SOB ... how'd you do it? :)


I just saw a Facebook post about a dog who was left for dead in a river ...  great inspirational story and organization - Hope for Paws.


A great guy - Barry McDonagh wrote a book that in my humble opinion, is the best I've read about dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. Here's his site :



I was told people don't like to get sold to, they want to be entertained on these sites. A Christian, a Jew and a Muslim walk in to a bar ...


I write because it fills a need in me. It certainly won't fill my bank account. :)


I'm thinking of holding a contest, maybe a $250 prize. More info soon. :)


Watching these Olympic athletes, with their incredible commitment and discipline makes me wonder,  why can't I bring myself to write today? I need commitment and discipline ... nah ... I'll watch it on TV. 


My first post - I have nothing exciting to say. Okay, I am excited about the release of the Pervade Org. Someday I'll learn how to really promote it. Until then, I'll keep writing. My Blogging skills suck.

Almost forgot ... please review the books. Every good review saves a child somewhere in the world. Who doesn't want to save a child? This of course, is not true, but ... I just thought I'd throw it out there. :)


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